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How to Create a School Space for your children during Lockdown.

How our children get their education is changing rapidly, especially during the lockdown over COVID-19. At Oaklands Furniture Design & Décor in Ferndale Randburg, we have looked at trends and necessities for children to practically apply themselves to their studies and homework. Children benefit from additional structure and organization to support their functional development and having a dedicated work and study area in your home is imperative.


Well Considered Location

Firstly, speak to your child and consider where they work or study best? Will they feel productive in the space? Will your child need adult supervision? It is best to have clearly distinguishable boundaries between the ‘school space’ and the rest of your home so your child can unwind at the end of the day. Children are easily distracted in a busy home. However, personal preference or limited space will determine where your child will need to have a study area. Make sure the area is well lit, quiet and well ventilated. Correct lighting levels in your child’s working space will prevent the risk of giving them eye strain and headaches. Lamps with adjustable light levels can improve a room, but natural light is best as lamps can create a glare on the screen.

Preferably keep away from TV’s and busy traffic areas. Some children work better with quiet environments whereas others need some background noise, soft music can be beneficial in this case. A good workspace gives plenty of room to spread work around without becoming messy.


Organization & Storage

Better organization will increase productivity and avoid frustration. Have a desk with lots of storage for books and files. Be well stocked with essentials like pencils, erasers, markers, highlighters, glue, Tippex and extra paper. Ideally, this can be easily packed up to keep the area nice and neat.

Get into a routine and try to always start the school day and homework at scheduled times. A good suggestion is to never stay in pyjamas and get dressed to start your school day. Maintaining elements of your child’s existing routine is a key part of life. Get up at the usual time, have breakfast, brush hair, clean teeth – keep to the things that would happen on any normal school day. Make your bed and prepare as you normally would if travelling to school. Oaklands can custom make the ideal organisational desk with compartments and drawers to suit any space.

Important Considerations

Some homework and school exercises will have time restrictions. A pinboard with a calendar to prioritize and organize projects will allow your child to look at their schedule at a glance. This also gives your child the for the site to break bigger projects into manageable sections A whiteboard with erasable markers is also beneficial for planning. Post-it stickers to write down important notes are very helpful.

Your child is more likely to enjoy their work in a place they enjoy. If every need is at easily accessible, work will be done more efficiently.

Ergonomics is important. Your child will benefit from sitting in a chair that supports their body correctly. With a good chair, you will avoid back strains, leg problems and carpal tunnel. Look for a chair that gives sufficient lumbar support for the lower back, and height adjustment so your child’s eyes are level with their screen and desk height and their posture is optimised. Movement breaks are important, so ensure that your child gets up and stretches their legs and get fresh air.

We live in a digital age and many of children now use laptops and tablets for school work. Test the WiFi signal to see that it is strong enough for school requirements. If not, you may want to consider buying a signal booster. This will help your child by creating a consistent internet speed and prevent any unwanted breaks in their learning from poor internet signal. Look at how the wire trails between the outlet and the laptop as well as power points. Don’t allow cords to become tripping issues. Oaklands can design desks with built in power points for plugs & USB’s.

Here are some inspirational and creative study areas.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to improve or create your perfect home study space.